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Unhappy International Year of the Child 1979

These items stand out, highlighted in blue from The Papers of Baroness Thatcher LG., OM., FRS.
Note who hosts the end of year cocktail party, closing what had been The International Year of the Child, 1979.
The cocktail party was held nine days after the Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee.

March 1979-November 1990

1979-1981 material open; later papers closed


Briefing files for domestic official visits and engagements as Prime Minister, March-June 1979. Includes: lunch in honour of Earl Mountbatten, given by the Variety Club of Great Britain, Dorchester Hotel, London, 23 March 1979 (filed in error, actually relates to previous premiership of James Callaghan). Includes correspondence with Sit James Carreras;. United and Cecil Club reception on the eve of the State opening of Parliament, Carlton Club, London, 14 May 1979 (includes correspondence with Alexander Macmillan, Hon. Secretary);. Airey Neave memorial service, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, 16 May 1979 (includes correspondence with Diana Neave and John Biggs-Davison MP and photograph; see also THCR 1/17/51);. Metropolitan Police 150th anniversary service, Westminster Abbey, London, 29 May 979;. "The Great Children's Party", hosted by International Year of the Child, Hyde Park, London, 31 May 1979 (includes photograph and correspondence with Neville Labovitch, Chairman of the Party Committee, and Lady (Mary) Soames, Chairman of the UK Association for International Year of the Child);. performance of "Fidelio", Glyndebourne, 10 June 1979 (correspondence with Patrick Hutber);. and state dinner for the President of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi, Buckingham Palace, London, 12 June 1979.


Briefing files for domestic official visits and engagements as Prime Minister, October-November 1979. Includes: presentation of a trophy to Wakefield Boy Scouts, 10 Downing Street, 24 October 1979 (includes MT's draft speaking notes); . reception to mark MT's acceptance of an Honorary Fellowship of the Chemical Society, Royal Institute of Chemistry, Russell Square, London, 24 October 1979 (includes photograph; and correspondence with Dr Alfred Spinks and Professor Richard Norman;. speech to the "Young People's Parliament", organised as part of International Year of the Child, County Hall, London, 25 October 1979 (includes speaking notes and correspondence with Clement Freud MP);. and Lord Mayor's Banquet, for Lord Mayor Elect Alderman Sir Peter Gadsden, Guildhall, London, 12 November 1979.


Briefing files for domestic official visits and engagements as Prime Minister, November-December 1979. Includes: State banquet for President of Indonesia and Madame Soeharto, Buckingham Palace, London, 13 November 1979;. State dinner given by President Soeharto of Indonesia, Claridge's, London, 15 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Saleh Basarah, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK); . evening reception, Buckingham Palace, London, 22 November 1979;. dedication of a memorial to commemorate great soldiers of World War Two, St Paul's Cathedral, London, 23 November 1979 (includes letter to Caroline Stephens from David Omand, Ministry of Defence);. performance of "Norma", Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 23 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Sir Claus Moser, Chairman of the Opera House);. dinner to honour John Junor editor of the "Sunday Express" for 25 years, The Ritz, London, 26 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Junor, Victor Matthews, Chief Executive Express Newspapers, and Jocelyn Stevens, Deputy Chairman);. address by MT to Burke Club dinner, House of Commons, 27 November 1979 (includes correspondence with Edward du Cann MP and John Wilkinson MP);. Save the Children Fund Diamond Jubilee carol concert , Royal Albert Hall, London, 11 December 1979 (includes correspondence with Emma Nicholson MP, Director of fund raising for Save the Children, and "Rosamund" [Wynn-Pope]);. cocktail party given by Edwin McAlpine, Hotel Inter-Continental, London, 20 December 1979 (MT did not attend in the end);. Buckingham Lieutenancy dinner party, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 27 December 197. Tesco, papers relating to a suggested working lunch or dinner, ca. 1979 (includes correspondence with Leslie Porter, Chairman).
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