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Exclamation Beeston

Beeston is a suburb Leeds, West Yorkshire, England located about "2 miles (3 km)" south of the city centre. The area is separated from surrounding areas to the north, east and west by the M621 motorway...Beeston has a population of about 20,000 people. Parts of the area, particularly around Beeston Hill to the north, suffer from relatively high levels of deprivation, while areas to the centre and south of the area suffer from fewer incidents of crime and are generally considered more affluent...By 1872, Beeston is recorded as having a population of 2,547 with 537 houses, a railway station and a post office. Beeston was a township and civil parish 1866-1904, then was absorbed into Holbeck civil parish before this was absorbed into Leeds in 1925...

On the night of 14 March and early hours of 15 March 1941, Leeds received its worst night of Luftwaffe bombing. Beeston had more bombs dropped on it than any other district of the city and although Flaxton Terrace was damaged during the night time air raid, escaped with the less damage than most other areas of Leeds with nearly all the other bombs landing on Cross Flatts Park...Cross Flatts Park covers an area of 44 acres (17.8 hectares) in the centre of Beeston...Beeston Hill is largely made up of areas of older Victoria terraces and newer social housing, which comprises around a third of the housing stock in the area. In April 2008, a £93 million PFI scheme to build 700 private and housing association dwellings and regenerate some existing stock was announced...

Beeston was the focus of press attention following the 7 July 2005 London bombings when it was revealed that two of the four bombers had lived in the area. On 12 July, two properties in Beeston were raided by police in connection with the attacks. According to West Yorkshire Police, a significant amount of explosive material was found in the raids and a controlled explosion was carried out at one of the properties...The link between the 7th July bombings and Beeston became known several days after the event took place. When news began to emerge of the Beeston link to the attacks, community and religious groups from across Beeston came together to condemn the atrocities,. There was a significant pulling together of people across the community with two Beeston Together for Peace marches being held. Each were joined by hundreds of people, some as the procession passed... The second procession ended at "Millennium Square" in Leeds city centre, uniting with people from other parts of Leeds for an interfaith vigil..

American news network NBC described Beeston as "a drab and derelict neighborhood in Leeds, three hours north of London, where three of the four London suicide bombers were born and raised". The article later stated, "Beeston, a poor racially mixed community, is lined with small row houses built in another era to house the factory workers who were one of the cornerstones of the British industry. The neighborhood has long accommodated immigrant communities — from Asia in the 1960s to Eastern Europe and Africa today. Reportedly, almost half the households now are on some sort of state assistance."

The Los Angeles Times described Beeston as an "ethnically mixed, downtrodden suburb". Setting the scene, it also said "Peeping from lacy curtains in red-brick rowhouses, tattoed white men, turbaned Sikhs and olive-skinned women in gauzy headscarves shared what they knew"...The poem V by Tony Harrison, written in 1985, describes a visit to Holbeck Cemetery...

Then t'Alleluias stick in t'angels' gobs.
When dole-wallahs fuck off to the void
What'll t'mason carve up for their jobs?
The cunts who lieth 'ere wor unemployed?

This lot worked at one job all life through.
Byron, 'Tanner', 'Lieth 'ere interred'.
They'll chisel fucking poet when they do you
and that, yer ****, 's a crude four-letter word.

'Listen, ****!' I said, 'before you start your jeering
the reason why I want this in a book
's to give ungrateful cunts like you a hearing!'
A book, yer stupid ****, 's not worth a fuck!,_Leeds
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