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Default I'm Sacha

Hi guys... writing in response to last nights bullshit. I can tell you that 95% of what i said and who I am was dropped. I'm not just some woman who knew them. I'm a researcher, writer, lecturer and radio show host in my own right and i have looked into this deeply. I lived next door to Khalid and was trapped in my home for a week by the press, police, army, scotland yard and then a week of reporters. During that week we were all offered money for any story whether it was true or not. One friend who works locally said that they'd been approached and asked to lie and say they had had sex with MSK and they would get paid thousands. this reporter has since been found out to be a major part of the phone hcking scandal and worked for News of the World... go figure.

I supported John's view entirely. I said as much but none of my really valid points were aired. The fact that we interviewed a white Irish muslim and that was dropped says a million words to me. I commented that he'd been a terrorist twice in essense... The fact that I highlighted the 'bomb factory' in beeston was turned into an injury claims specialist afterwards.. MOSSAD and isreali cctv companies.. MOSSAD agents spilling the beans of the HO report TWO DAYS BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED un-authored... No footage available? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

What is really strange is that two mins after it happened in Tavistock square, a security guard came up to us and told us that his friend was in a white van (THE white van) behind a bus in the square when it just "peeled apart" he didn't say blew up... he said peeled apart. i get home and later we hear they were from Beeston, then we found out who they were and NO ONE believed it EVER. If MSK was on a watch list for even five minutes.. why the hell was he used by police to calm tensions, why the hell was he in respect for his work in the community taken on a tour of parliament. Why did they not say in their videos where they would carry out their jihad? BUT.. if you wanted the ultimate realism for the people involved in a terror exercise you would need those videos and they would be staged. Even if the exercise was never going to happen physically.. they wouldn't have known that would they?

Then we have to look at the exervcise itself. They chose that exact scenario to be run through in an office.. Okay... Well no not really is it because they'd already done that run through on the TV the year before and even went to the effort of recording news reports for the programme itself.. all staged...

I bought fish and chips on the tuesday before the attacks on the thursday. I bought them from Shezad... he was talking about going to London.. if he was going to london to kill people.. why the hell would he be telling anyone who could hear in the chip shop?

There are far too many unanswered questions for these boys to be referred to as suicide bombers. I don't think they were at all. I saw them often and they were just lads, not brainwashed by extremists. They reported the white water rafting trip was part of the plot but it wasn't. i have to beg the question, if Khalid had anything to do with anything why was he only given 18 months. If he wasn't involved, then why was he given 18 months? they jailed him for a CD being in his house, that he'd never touched or put in his computer and quite frankly.. I'm not sure if he'd even seen it before.

I emailed Dr Rory Ridley Duff this morning outlining my disgust at the lack of content. He sent this reply and i promised to pass it on.

Hi Sacha,

Thanks for sharing that. I presume you've seen my response to Tony?

A good way to direct the anger over this documentary might be to gather support for Tony Farrell.

He's just handed himself in to Birmingham police for knowingly contributing funds to South Yorkshire police authority, who he alleges has assisted in covering up the intelligence services / government's involvement in 7/7.

Best wishes
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