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Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics. Originally referred to as "The Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "The Batman", he is additionally known as "The Caped Crusader", "The Dark Knight", and "The World's Greatest Detective," among other titles.

In the final issue of Batman R.I.P., the Joker explains to an organization trying to destroy Batman that there is no use trying because Batman is always so far ahead in figuring out every scheme against him. Joker attributes this to apophenia, saying that he has literally been driven insane by this alone...Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data...

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity for the "simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not causally connected events" creating a significant realm of philosophical exploration. This attempt at finding patterns within a world where coincidence does not exist possibly involves apophenia if a person's perspective attributes their own causation to a series of events. "Synchronicity therefore means the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels to a momentary subjective state." (C. Jung, 1960)
Batman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perhaps the nurse Jenny Gallagher is also by way of "batman No. 27" a member of the 27 club- this blog raises many interesting questions- an athletic woman going boating with a friend & then drowning after her husband & son have gone to bed???:

Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at age 46
by Esther Sutter
Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at age 46

Posted By: Maryhrt
Date: Sunday, 19-Aug-2012 12:54:12< nurse-jenny-gallagher-dead-at-46-alleged-drowning>
Aug 17, 2012

Jenny Gallagher, a nurse who treated victims of the highly suspicious “Batman” shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning.

“She worked the morning after the Batman massacre in a very busy unit of the hospital — so she saw everything really, some really bad injuries,” her husband Greg reportedly
told< ays-husband-of-drowned-batman-hero-3202626.html >
Ireland’s *Herald *earlier today.

The mass-shooting, which left 12 dead and 58 more injured at a midnight premiere of *The Dark Knight Rises* at Century theater, is widely suspected
to have been a black operation (akin to Columbine< > or
the Sikh Temple shooting< erans-as-terrorists-narrative/ >)
based on the available evidence, numerous inconsistencies and
implausibilities in the “official story”, the timing, and the way the event has been framed (some would say exploited) by certain powerful interests in
the media and political arena. See for example…

Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control
Treaty< tification-of-un-global-gun-control-treaty/ >,
Susanne Posel (July 16)
Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being
staged< _false_flag.html >,

Natural News (July 20)
James Holmes Batman shooting to justify UN small arms treaty gun
grab?< >,
Mike Adams (July 21)
Eyewitness: Second Shooter in Batman
Massacre< n-batman-massacre.html >,
YouTube, (July 21)

Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie
theater< inside-colorado-movie-theater.html >,
CNN/ (July 22)

Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’
Massacre< ence-colorado-university-had-identical-drill-on-same-da y-as-batman-massacre/ >,
Paul Joseph Watson (July 23)

Shooter James Holmes and DARPA Weird
Science< weird-science/ >,
Kurt Nimmo/Wayne Madsen (July 24)
Fox News Channel Questions Narrative Of ‘Batman’
Massacre< ative-of-batman-massacre/ >,
Infowars/WXIX-Fox19 (July 25)
Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt: Batman Shooting Could be Staged< -could-be-staged.html >

James Holmes Is Behaving Like Sirhan
Sirhan< irhan-sirhan/ >,
Paul Joseph Watson, (July 27)
Why Are Republicans Calling To Disarm The American
People?< disarm-the-american-people/

Paul Joseph Watson, (July 30)
The Batman op expands: you shot those
people< those-people/ >,
Jon Rappoport (Aug 3)


Jennifer Ann Gallagher (“Jenny”) lived in Denver and worked at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), where the largest share of the victims< es/President-Obama-praises-the-tireless-work-of-hospita l-staff.aspx >
of the shooting were taken in the aftermath of the July 20th theater massacre.

On July 22nd, Barack Obama personally visited the hospital to meet with the victims and staff. In a speech, Obama praised the UCH staff< es/President-Obama-praises-the-tireless-work-of-hospita l-staff.aspx >for their “extraordinary efforts”. As he spoke, he was flanked< ma-offers-comfort-aurora >
by Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, Aurora Police chief Oats, and several Congressmen.

A photo taken during Obama’s visit shows Gallagher just feet from Obama. This was just over two weeks before her death.

UCH>< y-Gallagher-w-Obama-Jul-22-2012-2.jpg>


Gallagher was actually found dead ten days ago, on August 7th. Despite recent conflicting and incorrect reports about the location (multiple reports say it was in Colorado, while another says Ohio), The End Run has
determined that she was actually found dead in Okoboji Lake, which is in Dickson County, Iowa, about 700 miles from her home town of Denver by car.

Within 24 hours or less of the discovery of her body, a short blurb about the death, which did not identify her by name, was published by the Associated Press and picked up by several local
media< -northwest-iowa-lake >
outlets < 07>. It

Drowning reported at West Okoboji Lake

OKOBOJI, Iowa (AP) — Authorities say someone has drowned at West Okoboji
Lake in northwest Iowa.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office said officers responded to a report of a drowning a little after noon on Tuesday.

The office hasn’t released the victim’s name or any other details about the drowning.

On the morning of August 8th, the day after her body was reportedly discovered, the Dickson County Sheriff’s office issued a press
release< dentified-in-west-okoboji-drowning >
(cache < >) identifying Gallagher as
the victim (although they misspelled her name) and providing a few additional details:

Victim identified in West Okoboji drowning

Published on Wednesday, 08 August 2012 06:30

On Tuesday, August 7, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a drowning on West Lake Okoboji. An investigation found that Jennifer Galagher, age 46, from Denver, Colorado, had been swimming the previous night in West Lake. On Tuesday morning, Galagher was reported missing by

A short time later, a family member located Galagher underneath a nearby dock. Medical personnel responded and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Assisting the DCSO were:

- Milford Fire/Rescue
- Arnolds Park/Okoboji Dive Team
- Lakes Regional Healthcare Ambulance

The incident remains under investigation by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office.

The AP then published another blurb based on this press release, which was reworked and/or republished by numerous local media outlets, primarily
in< >
Iowa< d-dead-in-west-lake-okoboji/ >,
where she was found dead, and in Denver,< cials-iowa-drowning-victim-was-denver-woman >
Colorado< owning-victim-was-denver-woman/ >,
where she lived. However, none of the short stories published in the local press at the time appear to have mentioned her connection to the then-highly-topical “Batman shooting”, or virtually any biographical information about her. The death of this national heroine does not appear
to have been picked up at all by the major U.S. national media.


Yesterday, nine days after her body was found, an article was published by Ireland’s Herald< ing-spree-drowns-3201886.html >which
finally revealed some information about Gallagher and broke the story of her status as a UCH nurse and witness to the bloody aftermath of the carnage in Aurora.

This revelation has since been picked up and reported on by several other Irish sites, such as Ireland’s< -hero-nurse-in-drowning-tragedy-3202398.html >
and the Irish-America< d-Aurora-Batman-shooting-victims-drowns-in-Denver-16652 1656.html >,
as well as the UK-based Belfast
Telegraph< epublic-of-ireland/batman-massacre-hero-nurse-in-drowni ng-tragedy-16199025.html >.

However, as of this writing there still do not appear to be any reports by the major U.S. national media.

Gallagher grew up in Ireland, but has
reportedly< ing-lives-says-husband-of-drowned-batman-hero-3202626.h tml>
lived in Denver since moving there for college in the 1990′s.


To review: According to the initial press release by the Dickson County Sheriff’s office, Gallagher went swimming in West Lake Okoboji on the evening on Monday, August 6th, and didn’t come back. The next morning she was reported missing by her family members. “A short time later, a family
member located Galagher <*sic*> underneath a nearby dock. Medical personnel responded and she was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Ireland’s, who, again, revealed the Gallagher/Batman shooting connection yesterday, apparently conducted an exclusive interview with Gallagher’s husband Greg Pinson today, and they have now published a second
article based upon it. Mr. Pinson is a surgeon with Surgical Specialists of Colorado. According to his curriculum
vitae< > posted
to the firm’s website, he received his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1994, his Doctorate from GWU in 1998, and did his residency at the University of Colorado School of Medicine through 2003. He is quoted by the Herald as having been married to Jenny for seven years. They have a five year old son, Jack.

Regarding the question of how Jenny died, the new Herald article
says< ays-husband-of-drowned-batman-hero-3202626.html >
(cache < >):

Greg explained that the family had travelled <*sic*> to nearby Ohio <*sic*> for a holiday when Jenny tragically drowned.

He and Jack had gone to sleep when Jenny and her friend decided to take a boat out on to a lake.

“She wasn’t a very strong swimmer and I suppose she just wasn’t able to stay afloat.

“The hardest thing is I may never know what really happened to Jenny.”

Before analyzing this, let’s get a critical caveat out of the way: It is very difficult to discern the truth when dealing with second-hand media snippets like these, which are liable to contain misquotes, out of context
quotes, misleading statements, and other misinformation. For example, the first Herald article incorrectly said that Gallagher drowned in “a lake close to her home”. The second article says that it was a lake in “nearby Ohio”. Besides the fact that Ohio is 1000+ miles from Denver, and thus not “nearby” at all, Gallagher was actually found in a lake in Iowa, which is also nowhere near Denver.

With that said, taken at face value, these two short accounts of Jenny Gallagher’s death (Sheriff’s Office and The Herald) seem to raise a number
of questions:

1. Was she really not “a very strong swimmer”? Is her husband even correctly quoted on this matter by the Herald (who seem to have misquoted him elsewhere)? Jenny was 46 years old and a formidable athlete. She had been playing Gaelic football for over a decade, having competed in the North American finals in 2000. Recently, she and her teammates on the
Denver Gaels ladies football team competed in a tournament at the Colorado Irish Festival, which they won, beating teams from San Fransisco and Dallas. A tribute < ifer-Gallagher.html?soid=1104983095014&aid=vetwksvMOWQ >
published in the club’s newsletter says that “memories of trips with the Gaels” such as “surfing in Costa Rica” would not “have been so fond had Jenny not been

2. Why, while vacationing out of state, did Jenny decide to take a boat out onto a lake, at night, after her husband and son had already gone to bed, especially if she “wasn’t a very strong swimmer”?

3. If she did decide to do that, wouldn’t she at least wear a life vest?

4. Who is this friend that was allegedly with her? Why is this friend not identified by name? Why has this friend not been mentioned in previous reports?

5. If she did drown at night while boating with a “friend”, why were police and rescue crews not notified until the following day? The original Sheriff’s office press release said that she was “reported missing by family” the following “morning”. The initial AP report put the time even
later – “a little after noon” — and The Spencer Daily Reporter wrote< > on
Aug 9th that, “Emergency crews recieved a 911 distress call at 12:45 p.m.” If a “friend” was out on the lake boating with Jenny and she disappeared in the water, wouldn’t this friend immediately rush to notify her husband and/or any other family member that may have been present, and wouldn’t they immediately alert rescue crews (assuming the friend hadn’t already)?
Why did this apparently not happen?

6. If Jenny was out boating with a friend, disappeared in the water, and was later found drowned, why would her husband say, “The hardest thing is I may never know what really happened to Jenny”?

7. Who was the family member that located Jenny’s body under the dock? He or she apparently did so shortly after notifying authorities that she was
“missing”, possibly even within minutes. The unnamed family member was apparently able to find her before professionally trained rescue crews. In fact, according to the Spencer Daily
Reporter< >, this family member may have even “located” her before the crews could even begin searching: “Arnolds Park/Okoboji Fire Chief Christ Yungbluth said his
department’s dive team did not have to conduct a search. … Resuce teams were on hand for nearly an hour but once they arrived at the scene, Galagher was pronounced dead.” West Okoboji Lake is approximately 3,847 acres in surface area. The Daily Reporter said that she was specifically found “in the area near Wheeler’s Beach just off of 1st Street in the city
of West Okoboji.”


In an attempt to obtain answers to these questions and clarification about the facts surrounding Jenny Gallagher’s death, The End Run contacted the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office by phone this evening (Friday).

The woman who answered the phone was familiar with the case, but refused to answer any questions about Jennifer Gallagher’s death. This included a direct question as to whether or not Gallagher was boating with another individual that night as reported by the Herald. The woman referenced the
August 8th press release< dentified-in-west-okoboji-drowning >
posted to the Sheriff’s website, firmly stating that she could not provide any information besides what was contained in that report.

When asked if she could at least confirm whether or not the incident was (still) under investigation, she again referred me to the press release from nine days ago, which says, “The incident remains under investigation
by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office”.


Given the suspicious nature of the “Batman” shooting, Jenny”s (heroic) involvement in the rescue operation at the hospital, and the timing of her unnatural death, it is only logical for researchers who understand government black operations (and corresponding cover-ups) to treat it as a * potential* homicide, and seek further information that confirms or refutes
this hypothesis. This does not mean that it *was* a homicide. Accidents happen. This may have been a heartbreaking example of one. However, the publicly-available information about this death is relatively thin at this point, and it contains significant apparent contradictions and problems.
Further investigation is needed by the independent media.

According to accounts written by those who knew her, Jenny Gallagher was an amazing woman; a loving mother and wife, an excellent nurse, and a person whose personality and kindness brought joy into the lives of those around
her. Regardless of the cause, her untimely death is a tragedy, and my condolences go out to the many friends and family who knew and loved her. Hopefully others who investigate her death feel the same, and hopefully her family can understand our desire to seek further information about what
happened to her.

*The source of this report is< llagher-dead-at-46-alleged-drowning >.
The author can be reached by e-mail at the [email protected].
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