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Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers.....the album they were touring/working on at the time was controversial to some!

Richard James Edwards (born 22 December 1967, disappeared c. 1 February 1995, officially presumed dead 23 November 2008...On February 14, Edwards' Vauxhall Cavalier received a parking ticket at the Severn View service station and on February 17, the vehicle was reported as abandoned...
On February 7, a taxi driver from Newport supposedly picked up Edwards from the King's Hotel in Newport, and drove him around the valleys, including Blackwood (Edwards’ home as a child)... "In terms of the 'S' word, that does not enter my mind. And it never has done, in terms of an attempt. Because I am stronger than that. I might be a weak person, but I can take pain."...Edwards' lyrics have often been of a highly poetic nature, particularly on the band's and at times they reflected his knowledge of political history...The album's title appears to be a reference to the 1987 film With nail and I... Vauxhall is an area of London noted for its gay clubs (it is also an area of Liverpool), and there is also a British car manufacturer of the same name...
There's gonna be some trouble
A whole house will need re-building
And everyone I love in the house
Will recline on an analyst's couch quite Soon
Your Father cracks a joke
And in the usual way
Empties the room ...

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