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Exclamation Clones

Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
Hi LG,

Sorry to hear of your nan's passing and your friends too.

That painting has a lot to answer for - a weird phenomena looks like a painting done of me when I was about three, which has hung in the same place for many years...


I suppose you could say we all have to leave in the end...

Its funny you should say that painting looks like you..I used to think the picture looked like me when I was younger apart from the colour of eyes,I used to have an Artists Easel when I was a child but the only thing I did on that was slash my shin trying to climb it (Ouch cry cry) and the next door neighbour Mr simp kins patched me up, bless his cotton socks and bandage...hey maybe we are clones

Saunders And Simpkins...

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