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James Randi and Penn Jilette were both present at an Illuminati meeting I was taken to as a child.

There were some jokes about Penn's wife: and he said "she must be stupid, she married me!".

He asked me if I liked magic/his shows at which point I said yes and he 'joked' "I'm still gonna f*** you up the ass".

Jilette was the "central column" to quite the magic trick with another 2 men. James Randi attempted to explain to me some of the 'illusion' of the Royal Arch/Illuminati paedophilia.

This was in America in the 1990s after I was taken there by Thomas Hurd from an airfield in Oxfordshire en route to Bohemian Grove and Home Base (Area 51). It was very hot near the desert. "You don't even need your passport, due to the agreement we have with their government".
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