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Lightbulb Grand Dieu sauve le Roi

Grand Dieu sauve le Roi (1686)

Grand Dieu sauve le Roi
Grand Dieu venge le Roi
Vive le Roi !
Que toujours victorieux
Louis victorieux
Venge ses ennemis
Toujours soumis

"The small groups of Vikings that settled there adopted the language, religion and culture of the French majority. After a generation or two, the Normans were indistinguishable from the French"...Encyclopaedia Britannica

"During the century and a half after the Conquest, there is no English history. The French Kings of England rose to an eminence which was the wonder of all nations"...Thomas Babington Macauley
British competed with Latin following the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43, at least in major settlements. A number of Latin words were borrowed by British speakers...The Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain during the 500s marked the beginning of a decline in the language, as it was gradually replaced by Old English. Some British speakers migrated to Armorica and Galicia. By AD 700, British was mainly restricted to Northwest England, Southern Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Devon and Brittany. In these regions, it evolved into Cumbric, Welsh, Cornish and Breton...
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