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Lightbulb Reifezeugnis

'Reifezeugnis' aka 'For Your Love Only' is the most successful episode of the popular German/Austrian crime tv-series 'Tatort' ('Crime Scene'). This episode (season 1, vol. 73) was produced in the summer of 1976(23) and first aired on German TV on Sunday-evening March 27, 1977...The story is about the 17 years old student Sina Wolf who has a love affair with her high school teacher Helmut Fichte, age 32...
When the dark, fanatical Father Michael was de-frocked and excommunicated from the Church,he sought the ways of the Devil...He formed a closed Convent in southern Germany ambivalently names "The Children of the Lord". But the lord in question was the Devil-figure of Lord Asteroth, and the innocent children were reared in the ways of Satan himself... One of the them, Catherine Beddows had a special destiny to fufil. She had been pre-selected at birth for a particular role: on her eighteenth birthday she was doomed to become the Devil's daughter and reign as Asteroth's representative on Earth...
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