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Arrow Anti War on the Square

On March 17, an anti-war demonstration in Grosvenor Square, London, ended with 86 people injured and 200 demonstrators arrested...
1968..I remember being terrified at being chased down by what seemed like scores of mounted police with truncheons flailing about while the square was blocked off so that none who found themselves on the inside could get out...I remember also seeing Mick Jagger standing coolly on the steps of a house in the square surveying the chaos. My friend Tim Hunt (a Research Fellow at Cambridge at the time - he has since won a Nobel Prize) caught him on film... I joined the rally in Trafalgar Square where Vanessa Redgrave and Tariq Ali spoke...Afterwards, thousands of us convened on Grosvenor Square which was full of mounted police and riot police...
Protest marches against the Vietnam war took place frequently in London - and other major cities in Europe and the United States - throughout the conflict...Often the demonstrations turned violent as crowds made up of students and other activists clashed with police...In London, the trouble in the late 1960s centered on Grosvenor Square - home of the US ambassador to Britain

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