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Lightbulb TV Deluge

In 1981, over 24 million viewers watched Deirdre's wedding to William Roache's character, Ken Barlow (which generated higher ratings for ITV than the wedding of Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer). Ken eventually adopts Ray and Deirdre's daughter, Tracy, and they live with Uncle Albert in Number 1...

Eventually, Deirdre and Ken are engaged again, and tie the knot in an episode on April 8, 2005. The marriage is supposed to coincide with the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles, just as Ken and Deirdre's first marriage coincided with Charles and Diana's nuptials, but scheduling conflicts due to Prince Charles going to the funeral of Pope John Paul II end up throwing the date off by one day. Nearly 12 million people watch the television event. Only nine million watch the royal nuptials; Ken and Deirdre's second ratings victory against the royal family makes the national newspapers...
The British public started a campaign, pleading with Granada Television to "free the Weatherfield One."The Home Secretary even involved Prime Minister Tony Blair, who, with a touch of irony, attempted to intervene on Deirdre's behalf. Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin fight to free Deirdre, and they are successful when another woman tricked by Jon comes forward and makes the police realise that he is the con man that Deirdre claimed. Deirdre is released and Jon is finally brought to justice. Mike Baldwin comes to her rescue with legal fees and a place to stay, much to the chagrin of Ken and Mike's wife, Alma . The traumas of the past year and daughter Tracy's wedding to Robert Preston leads Deirdre to reunite with Ken at a Valentine's disco in February 1999...

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