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Unbeknown to Myles and Paula, Duncan and Roxanne are Satanists...As Duncan's physical body nears its end, father and daughter perform an occult ritual which transfers Duncan's consciousness into Myles's body...Myles's ensuing change in personality, which includes his now being able to play the piano as well as had Duncan...

"And when you're sitting here alone in the middle of the night, unsleeping in the dark, remember -- every breath you take you owe to me"...

The Mephisto Waltzes are four waltzes composed by Franz Liszt in 1859-62, 1880–81, 1883 and 1885. Nos. 1-2 were composed for orchestra, later arranged for piano, piano duet and two pianos, whereas 3 and 4 were written for piano only. Of the four, the first is the most popular and has been frequently performed in concert and recorded...
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