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Arrow Le Clos family sacrificed

Originally Posted by jimmi View Post
Has anyone got any ideas as to who or what was sacrificed at the opening of the games?
The mother of Olympic gold medalist Chad Le Clos says the family has sacrificed a lot to support South Africa's latest gold achiever...

The parents of Olympians: A backstage sacrifice..."I believe that there is a deeper strength we must train into a child, a tempering that forges their ability to win in life and still be on the medal stand," Suhay said. "The kind of Olympic mom who is up at 5 a.m. making toast and hugging her child and whispering, 'You can do this' ...

Joseph Murphy's Olympian sacrifice ....One thing Olympic athletes have in common is that they have all made many sacrifices to attend the London Games.

The series of "coincidences" surrounding the odd airplane crash that killed the 2-time Olympic runner Pat Porter, his son and his son's friend, in Sedona, Arizona...
For the ancient Greeks the sport of the Olympic Games was quite literally a religious exercise – a display of religious devotion and worship...
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