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Lightbulb Boleskine House

Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
It would appear that despite Crowleys wish to; 'not offend God or work ill against his neighbours' (in precis etc.), when he left the house to help his old mentor Mathers, thus interupting his six month ritual, to make, in effect, dark forces, subservient and servants of the light (he wished to raise the higher self and the holy guardian angel - which he later claimed after his subsequent visit/rituals in Egypt to have raised, being Aiwass) that in doing so - after commencing work on the ritual - he left the property and the place, which already, had challenges, with lots more. When he returned to Bloeskine, even Crowley noticed the darkness within and outwith the house and continued his work there for awhile....Even in his work, I am surprised that Crowley left Boleskine - to help his old mentor - because as an adept, he would have known that such 'mundane' issues were only brought about - by other, subtle forces - so as to distract him from the work, his work......

Crowley stated that Boleskine was the Thelemic Kiblah. IMHO, from what I have read, the house and/or the area had 'Leys' (so called Leylines) and or geopathic stress present....this can be further concluded by Crowley's descriptions of the place - and the rooms - and certain other phenomenon etc...
Do you know who now lives in Crowleys home.....Page claimed that the house was haunted by a decapitated head.

Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
perhaps Crowley's initial good intent, we have encountered two world wars (some would say that we are still involved in a world war) and as an aside the appearance of an ancient reptilian beast...
Yes,its called Perpetual War and Perpetual debt ...our overlords are so kind and full of empathy......Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion...

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