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When one of the four signs of any modality or quality does not contain any planet - or only contains planets that would be out of orb for a Grand Cross - then a T-Square is said to be formed...The energy of T-Square is similar to a Grand Cross, but it is much weaker because it involves only three planets; in which two of them form an opposition and a square with the third...

In mathematics, the T-square is a two-dimensional fractal. As all two-dimensional fractals, it has a boundary of infinite length bounding a finite area. Its name follows from that for a T-square...The method of creation is rather similar to the ones used to create a Koch snowflake or a Sierpinski triangle...

In astrology, a cosmic cross is an ancient term for the T-Square...A T-Square is an astrological configuration in which two planets or celestial bodies form an opposition, while a third planet forms a square to both planets in the opposition...Madison Square became known as "Diana's little wooded park" after the huge bronze statue of the Roman Goddess Diana by Augustus Saint-Gaudens that stood atop the 32-story tower of White's arena – at the time it was the second-tallest building in the city...Worth Square...Worth's monument was one of the first to be erected in a city park since the statue of George III was removed from Bowling Green in 1776...
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