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Lightbulb Bundesautobahn 7

Bundesautobahn 7 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 7, short form Autobahn 7, abbreviated as BAB 7 or A 7) is the longest German Autobahn and the longest national motorway in Europe at 963 km (598 mi). It bisects the country almost evenly between east and west. In the north, it starts at the border with Denmark as an extension of the Danish part of E45. In the south, the autobahn ends at the Austrian border. This final gap was closed in September 2009.

Construction of the southern part of the motorway was delayed by disagreements between the Bundesländer of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg over the route. Although an agreement was reached in 1969, lack of funding delayed the start of construction until the 1980s. Once started, construction proceeded unusually fast, although the challenging terrain of Frankenhöhe and Swabian Alb required the construction of two tunnels and multiple bridges...
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