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Lightbulb Black & Red

6. The Mind of White Appearance Dissolves
- Cause of appearance: winds in right and left channels below heart enter central channel at base of spine.
- Internal sign: very clear vacuity filled with red light.

7. The Mind of Red Increase Dissolves
- Cause of appearance: upper and lower winds gather at heart and then the winds enter the drop at the heart.
- Internal sign: at first, vacuity filled with thick darkness; then as if swooning into unconsciousness.

8. The Mind of Black Near Attainment Dissolves
- Cause of appearance: all winds dissolve into the very subtle life-bearing wind in the indestructible drop at the heart.
- Internal sign: very clear vacuity, the mind of clear light of death. Focus on this clear light for as long as you can...

When the clear light of death ceases, the consciousness passes back through the stages of dissolution in reverse order...As soon as this reverse process begins, the person is reborn into an intermediate state between lives, with a subtle body that can go anywhere,through mountains,through windows, through doors etc etc to find a place of rebirth...

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