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Lightbulb B G Lamas

Q: What does it mean to be the Red-Hat Lama?

Formerly in Tibet, there were two famous Lamas who were the first so-called “reincarnations”. They were known as Karmapa and Shamarpa, both alternatively the head of the Karma-Kagyu lineage. They had a great influence in the way Tibet was governed from the fourteenth century up to 1642 when the dynasty of the Dalaï lamas was established by the Mongols...

Q: Why the two colours –– red and black?

The Red-Hat has to do with the sunset color, symbolizing the direction of the pure Land of the Buddha of Infinite Light, called “Amitabha”. The Black Hat is supposed to have been made mystically out the hair of Dakinies or celestial goddesses but was visible only for people who developed a very pure mind. One day, the Yongle Emperor, who was the prince of Yan and the third emperor of the Ming dynasty, saw it above the head of his teacher, the Fifth Karmapa, and decided to craft it as a crown to be offered to him as homage. In those times there was no opposition to China.

Q: Do you think you will be able to reduce corruption, because human beings in general …

You cannot eradicate corruption, but with this system you can reduce it to a level that is acceptable !!!
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