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Lightbulb Mockers

Originally Posted by pepsi78 View Post
The story I have told is a real story with real events that took place.
They will only mock,like they have already been doing,you are better not wasting your time with them.

Originally Posted by pepsi78 View Post

Is this how you look ?

More fine masonic art.

The cap stone is used as a symbol in masonry, is part of your finishing.

Cap stones are popular in masonry.

Yes he was a spsycho that jailed other psychos. Psychos often fight for power among them. I did not say you were on Hittler side I told you that you
are just like Hitler obsesed with rigid order, in this light I made the association with your brotherhood and Hitler
Interesting Post BTW.

One day we all will resemble that skull...

The Babylonian High Priest, who instructed the inner circle initiates, was known as... Peter, meaning the ‘Great Interpreter’. The feast day of the Christian St Peter was traditionally celebrated on the day the Sun entered the astrological house of Aquarius, the very day that Eannus and Janus were honoured! The Babylonian religion, like all the look-alikes that were to follow, consisted of two levels. The masses were manipulated into believing superstitions and into taking symbolic stories literally, while the chosen initiates were given the real knowledge on penalty of death if they ever revealed it. In this way the truth about life, human potential, history and the reptilian Agenda, were lost to the population and kept only for the few.
Life is short Death is forever...

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