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Arrow Dragons

Soon after the new millennium, during construction on the London Underground, workers penetrate an underground cave in which a huge hibernating dragon awakens, incinerating the construction workers...One decade later, in 2020, Quinn leads a community of survivors living in a castle in Northumberland. The survivors are starving, though, while waiting for their crops to ripen. While many trust Quinn's leadership, some are becoming restless and openly defiant. While everyone is asleep, Eddie steals a truck to take his group to harvest tomatoes. Picking the crops too early won't allow the seeds to germinate so they can be used the next season. The group is attacked by a lone dragon, one is killed and the rest are surrounded by fire.

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"and is notorious for its secrecy". Really?

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This all brings back the day I was in a Lodge in Cambridgeshire.
The organist was unusually superb.

It was only later I discovered that he was Dave Greenfield from The Guildford Stranglers pop group.

He said that another member of the group is a member of a Lodge in Japan of all places.

The mind boggles!
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