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Rosalie Marie Auguste Nitribitt (February 1, 1933 – October 29, 1957) was a German call girl whose violent death caused a scandal in the Germany of the Wirtschaftswunder years...The term About this sound Wirtschaftswunder (German for "economic miracle") describes the rapid reconstruction and development of the economies of West Germany and Austria after World War II (adopting an Ordoliberalism based social market economy)...Ordoliberalism is a German variant of neoliberalism that emphasises the need for the state to ensure that the free market produces results close to its theoretical potential.

Born in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, "Rosemarie" Nitribitt and her two younger half-sisters were raised in poor conditions by their mother in Ratingen and Düsseldorf. The girls were placed in a juvenile home and after 1939 lived with foster parents. There she was raped at the age of 11. Still in her teenage years, she recognized the full potential her budding beauty might earn her and embarked on a life as a prostitute. She was later sent to juvenile correctional homes, from where she escaped several times. She then moved to Frankfurt am Main, where, after a brief interlude of waitressing and modelling, she took up prostitution again and was arrested at the Frankfurt railway station in 1951...

According to people who knew her at the time, Nitribitt tried hard to disguise her humble origins in order to be able to keep up conversation in posh society and to attract more sophisticated customers. For example, she started learning English and French, though with little success.

Nevertheless, she did succeed in getting male attention and in acquiring a stock of wealthy clients. One of her regular customers gave her a car—a used Opel Kapitän—as a present, which at the time was quite an unusual possession for a woman in her early twenties. Others invited her to spend a Mediterranean holiday with them. Accordingly, she became very wealthy rather quickly, a fact which she demonstrated by buying a black Mercedes 190 SL (a roadster which was to be colloquially referred to as the Nitribitt-Mercedes) with red leather upholstery in 1956; she would drive around in Frankfurt in this car to solicit customers. Also in 1956, she moved into a luxurious apartment at Stiftstr. 36...On November 1, 1957 she was found dead in her apartment in Frankfurt. Her death was alleged to have occurred three days earlier. Her body showed signs of strangulation and a head wound.

She was interred at the Nordfriedhof (Northern cemetery), Düsseldorf. Her head, however, was kept as evidence in police custody and later exhibited in the Kriminalmuseum (criminal museum) in Frankfurt;it was eventually buried on February 10, 2008...Police investigations into the case were conducted very sloppily, with much evidence being destroyed during the first days. Several prominent citizens were exposed as her personal acquaintances, including Gunter Sachs and her close friend and benefactor Harald von Bohlen und Halbach, brother of the head of the Krupp company...

The Krupp family , a prominent 400-year-old German dynasty from Essen, have become famous for their steel production and for their manufacture of ammunition and armaments. The family business, known as Friedrich Krupp AG, was the largest company in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1999 it merged with Thyssen AG to form ThyssenKrupp AG, a large industrial conglomerate.
When it became clear that the police would not be able to find the murderer it was insinuated in the media that high-ranking personalities were trying to thwart any attempts at solving the crime...Nine years after Nitribitt's murder, a very similar case occurred in Frankfurt. The high-class prostitute Helga Matura, who also solicited customers by driving a Mercedes, was murdered, and the case was never solved...

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