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Lightbulb Jetsun

Jetsun Milarepa (Tibetan: རྗེ་བཙུན་མི་ལ་རས་པ, , (c. 1052—c. 1135 CE) is generally considered one of Tibet's most famous yogis and poets. He was a student of Marpa Lotsawa, and a major figure in the history of the Kagyu (Bka'-brgyud) school of Tibetan Buddhism.

"In my youth I committed black deeds. In maturity I practiced innocence. Now, released from both good and evil, I have destroyed the root of karmic action and shall have no reason for action in the future. To say more than this would only cause weeping and laughter. What good would it do to tell you? I am an old man. Leave me in peace."

According to the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet by French explorer Alexandra David-Néel, Milarepa boasted of having “crossed in a few days, a distance which, before his training in black magic, had taken him more than a month. He ascribes his gift to the clever control of ‘internal air’.” David-Néel comments “that at the house of the lama who taught him black magic there lived a trapa [monk] who was fleeter than a horse” using the same skill.

Colour sergeant or colour sergeant is a non-commissioned title in the Royal Marines and infantry regiments of the British Army, ranking above sergeant and below warrant officer class 2...The rank was introduced into the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars to reward long-serving sergeants. By World War I it had given way to company sergeant major and company quartermaster sergeant, but it was later reintroduced.Colour sergeants are referred to and addressed as "Colour Sergeant" or "Colour" ("Colour Sergeant Hewitt" or "Colour Hewitt", for instance), never as "Sergeant". Unusually, NCOs with the rank of colour sergeant who hold the appointment of company quartermaster sergeant are still addressed and referred to by their rank, not their appointment...The Colour Sergeant (Athyma nefte) is a species of brush-footed butterfly found in tropical South and Southeast Asia.

A Warrant Officer of the Welsh Guards using his pace(Compasss) stick...

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