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The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF) is an infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Queen's Division...The regiment was formed on April 23, 1968, as part of the reforms of the army that saw the creation of the first 'large infantry regiments', by the amalgamation of the four English fusilier regiments.On 23 April 1968 the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was formed from the four English fusilier regiments. Each of these regiments were steeped in history and traditions which have been retained by the regiment today.As a fusilier regiment, the RRF wears a hackle, which in this case is the hackle of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Red over White. This distinction was originally a white plume which His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot had taken from the head dress of fallen French troops at St. Lucia in December 1778.

The Highland Light Infantry was a regiment of the British Army from 1881 to 1959. In 1923 the regimental title was expanded to the Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)...Its exact status was a somewhat ambiguous one - although the regiment insisted on being classified as a non-kilted Highland regiment, it recruited mainly from Glasgow in Lowland Scotland.David Niven, who was a graduate of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, was commissioned into the HLI as a subaltern. He claimed in his memoirs that he was dismayed at the appointment, as he dreaded the prospect of wearing trews, and had accordingly written "Anything but the Highland Light Infantry" on his choice of regiment form.

At the beginning of visualizing the Three Channels, one should know that the process of visualization consists of two practices...1. Seeing the Channels vividly, or forming a clear picture in the mind...2. Holding on to this picture.

The colour of the Central Channel should be visualized as the colour of the oil lamps’ flame. This whisper-given instruction is found in the Tantras ... however, before reaching this stage, the colour of the Right Channel should be visualized as Red, and the Left Channel as White, and the Central as Blue...

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