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Lightbulb Migration

In the immediate aftermath of World War II, Ben Chifley, Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949, established the Federal Department of Immigration and thereby launched a large scale immigration program. Chifley commissioned a report on the subject which found that Australia was in urgent need of a larger population for the purposes of defence and development and it recommended a 1% annual increase in population through increased immigration...Human migration (derived from Latin: migratio) is physical movement by humans from one area to another, sometimes over long distances or in large groups. Historically this movement was nomadic, often causing significant conflict with the indigenous population and their displacement or cultural assimilation.

Gene migration, a process in evolution and population genetics...Population genetics is the study of allele frequency distribution and change under the influence of the four main evolutionary processes: natural selection, genetic drift, mutation and gene flow. It also takes into account the factors of recombination, population subdivision and population structure. It attempts to explain such phenomena as adaptation and speciation.

More than 2 million migrants/Bruce and Sheilas arrived between 1945 and 1965, and Australia’s population jumped from 7 to 11 million. In 1945 Australia was predominantly Anglo-Saxon country in which 98 percent of inhabitants had a British background...

Alone of all the Irish Constitution lodges, Duke of Leinster Lodge retained its allegiance to the Grand Lodge of Ireland on the formation of the new Grand Lodge of South Australia in 1884.

Richard McClure, first W.M.

The Lodge celebrated 150 years of working in March 2006.

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