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Lightbulb The Stone

The scene opens with Master Po and Grasshopper in friendly combat. However, young Caine is angry, unfocused and is easily defeated by the blind Shaolin master.

Like young Caine, many of us go through life grumpy and anxious. All too often our minds are reliving failures of the past or worrying over an unknowable future. In this frame of mind we become rigid and out of harmony with our surroundings. Skilfulness can only be achieved through flexibility, spontaneity and being fully present in the "eternal now".

Master Po discovers Grasshopper is concerned that he is a coward. In the context of the yin-yang, Master Po explains: "What is cowardice, but the body's wisdom of its weakness. What is bravery, but the body's wisdom of its strength. The coward and the hero march together within every man. So to call one man a coward and another brave merely serves to indicate the possibilities of achieving the opposite."

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