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Arrow Hand of Eric

The Five Fingered Hand of Eris (also known as The Hand of Eris or, within a Discordian context, simply The Hand) is the name given to "two opposing arrows converging into a common point." The "canonical" example is shown at right, but the passage quoted goes on to say, "It may be vertical, horizontal, or else such, and it may be elaborated or simplified as desired."

This form of The Hand and other proposed symbols are used informally in certain circles

The Hand is one among several symbols commonly used in Discordianism. One significant component of Discordian philosophy addresses the issue of conflicting or opposing forces—sometimes in a state of balance or equilibrium, and other times not. It is this interaction between forces which The Hand represents.

A particular form of The Hand has been proposed for use as the astronomical and astrological symbol for the dwarf planet Eris...

Inside, they find angelic script on the walls and they experience a vision of a battlefield strewn with dead angels...Lucifer tells Katherine that "other angels" have taken up this war against mankind because they genuinely hate humans for being put in God's grace above all others, and since then, no human souls have been able to "meet their maker". He knows of Gabriel's plot to use Hawthorne's soul to overthrow the agents of Heaven, and he knows that if Gabriel wins, his "new" Heaven will ultimately devolve into another Hell, resulting in unwanted competition.
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