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Lightbulb Blue Streak Spaceman

The Blue Streak Rocket launches in Australia (1964) ...

The Blue Streak rocket was originally a British ballistic missile designed in 1955.

The missiles used liquid oxygen and kerosene propellants. Whilst the vehicle could be left fully laden with 20+ tonnes of kerosene, the 60 tonnes of liquid oxygen had to be loaded immediately before launch or icing became a problem. Due to this, fuelling the rocket took 15 minutes, which would have made it useless as a rapid response to an attack. The missile was vulnerable to a pre-emptive attack, launched without warning or in the absence of any heightening of tension sufficient to warrant readying the missile, if such a circumstance were ever likely.

The ballistic missile programme was cancelled in 1960 but the rocket was used as the first-stage of the European satellite launcher Europa. As no site in Britain provided enough space for test flights, a test site was established at the Woomera rocket range in the South Australian desert. This footage comes from an ABC documentary about government efforts to find and relocate aborigines living in the dump zone area in Western Australia.

It is the law in Austaralia that all first-born boys MUST be called Bruce and first-born girls, Sheila...

The Blue Streak project was finally cancelled in 1972

The Solway Firth Spaceman

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