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Lightbulb Two Planet Earths

A dark room is unveiled, and after stepping inside, a three-dimensional projection of the solar system appears. The trio view the planet Mars (Earth like planet), being hit by a large asteroid. A humanoid extraterrestrial then appears before the group.

It reveals to them that the Martians evacuated their world (mars/ earth like Planet) in spacecraft following the planetary collision...One Martian headed towards the other Earth, remotely depositing a strand of DNA... who would be recognized as descendants.

Computer simulation shows Solar System once had an extra planet...

Their characteristic cult of the Palici is influenced by Greek myth in the version that has survived, in which the local nymph Talia bore to Adranus, the volcanic god whom the Greeks identified with Hephaestus, twin sons, who were "twice-born (palin "again"; ikein "to come"), born first of their nymph mother, and then of the earth, because of the "jealousy" of Hera, who urged Mother Earth, Gaia, to swallow up the nymph. Then the soil parted, giving birth to the twins, who were venerated in Sicily as patrons of navigation and of agriculture. In the most archaic level of Greek mythology, a titan, Tityos, grew so large that he split his mother's womb and had to be carried to term by Gaia herself. He came to the attention of later Greek mythographers only when he attempted to waylay Leto near Delphi. If such a mytheme is set into action as ritual, it is usual to see a pair of sacrificial children laid in the earth to encourage the green growth...

The Palici (Παλικοί in Greek), or Palaci, were a pair of indigenous Sicilian chthonic deities in Roman mythology, and to a lesser extent in Greek mythology. They are mentioned in Ovid V, 406, and in Virgil IX, 585. Their cult centered around three small lakes that emitted sulphurous vapors in the Palagonia plain, and as a result these twin brothers were associated with geysers and the underworld...The mythological lineage of the Palici is legend claimed that the Palici were the sons of the Sicilian deity Adranus.

Some modern commentators have suggested that Adranus may have been related to the similarly named gods Adar and Adramelech (from Persia and Phoenicia respectively), who were also personifications of the sun or of fire in general...

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