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Arrow 23 Other Temples

In addition to the Grand Temple, there are a further 23 masonic temples within the building. All are highly ornate in their various art deco styles, and no two are identical. Amongst the temples which are of particular note: Temple No 1 is very large (seating up to 600) and contains a series of portraits of former Grand Masters of England and Wales; Temple No 10 (where the designers had additional height and space due to its location beneath the large clock tower) is built in a style which combines classic art deco with Egyptian design, and includes an impressive domed ceiling; Temple No 17 enjoys a more than usually ornate decorative style and far more ante-room (storage and changing) space than most temples of its size, and is used in particular by the most ancient lodges in London, including the three remaining lodges (of four originals) which pre-date 1717 and the formation of the Grand Lodge itself; Temple No 23 is the smallest (seating approximately 25 people) and contains a series of portraits of former Grand Secretaries of England and Wales. In addition to these 23 Temples, and the Grand Temple, there are several very simple and plain temples reserved for 'Lodges of Instruction' and 'Lodges of Rehearsal'.

Unlike the Grand Temple the other 23 temples are not normally open to the public, as they are in constant demand by private London Lodges and Chapters for their regular meetings...,_London
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