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Originally Posted by knightstemplar View Post
It is rather complicated but Peter is our Rock and Simon Magus is Peter reincarnated as the good samaritan.

Simon was a Samaritan, not a Jew -- (Acts 8:9).

SIMON MAGUS was a Babylonian priest. He was a part of the Babylonian community that had been living in the land of Northern Israel ever since the Northern Ten Tribes were carried away captive by the Assyrians. God tells us that these Samaritans, as they were called, were claiming to be the true people of God while at the same time practicing many heathen rites which came directly from Babylon (II Kings 17:41).

Peter perceived that Simon was in the "gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity [lawlessness]" (Verse 23).
The consensual chronology we live with was essentially crafted in the 16th century by Jesuits. Ancient history is based on documents, manuscripts, printed books, paintings, monuments and artefacts called primary sources. The problem is that neither these primary sources, nor events described therein can be irrefutably dated, moreover they contradict each other for the most part...

Has history been tampered with? Very peculiar historical duplicates and parallels. Why is that?

Has history been tampered with? radiocarbon dating...

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