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Lightbulb Helmut Dantine

Helmut Dantine (7 October 1917 – 2 May 1982) was a film actor remembered for playing many Nazis in thriller films of the 1940s. The Vienna-born actor appeared uncredited in Casablanca early in his career (he played the desperate newlywed gambling to obtain visa money).

Dantine's father was the head of the Austrian railway system. As a young man, Dantine became involved in an anti-Nazi movement in Vienna. In 1938, when he was 21 years old, the Nazis took over Austria during the Anschluss. Dantine was rounded up, with hundreds of other enemies of the Third Reich, and imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp outside Vienna. Three months later, using their influence, his parents got his release and immediately sent him to California to live with a friend. Both his parents would later die in a Nazi concentration camp...

From 1947 to 1950, he was married to Charlene Stafford Wrightsman (1927–1963), the younger daughter of Charles B. Wrightsman, an oil millionaire whose collection of French furniture and decorative arts fills several galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They had one son, Dana Wrightsman Dantine. In 1952, Charlene Dantine married the American society columnist Igor Cassini. His second marriage was to Nicola Schenck, daughter of Nicholas Schenck, one of the founders of Loews. Nicola subsequently acted as Niki Dantine, and had two children with Dantine. Helmut Dantine died from a heart attack at the age of 64...

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