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Originally Posted by spectero666 View Post
His gang/group is just a hobby...he's actually a geologist I only keep in contact when i need something TBH...Fascism in Italy is still very popular.
So he is in a geologist gang...what do you mean by when you need something...I will post something later on Italian fascist gangs

William Ralph Dean (22 January 1907 – 1 March 1980), better known as Dixie Dean, was an English football player. AKA John George Terry...

John George Terry (born 7 December 1980) is an English professional footballer. Terry plays in a centre back position and is the captain of Chelsea in the Premier League.

Dean was an internationally renowned figure. Military records show that during the Second World War an Italian prisoner of war was captured by British troops in the Western Desert, and told his captors "fuck your Winston Churchill and fuck your Dixie Dean", exemplifying Dean's international status. One of the soldiers present was Liverpool-born Patrick Connelly who later went into show business using the pseudonym "Bill Dean"

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