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Waterstones ranks Mein Kampf as 'perfect present'
Tim Waterstone (born 1939 in Glasgow, Scotland) is the founder of the United Kingdom bookselling retail chain Waterstone's. Waterstone's now employs 4,500 staff, is the largest specialist bookseller in Europe, with stores in the UK, Holland, Belgium and Ireland, and is the third largest bookseller in the world.

St Catharine's College Crest...

The College maintains a friendly rivalry with Queens’ College after the construction of the main court of St Catharine's College on Cambridge’s former High Street relegated one side of Queens' College into a back alley. A more modern rivalry with Robinson College resulted from the construction in the 1970s of a modern block of flats named St Chad’s (in which the rooms are octagonal to resemble the wheel on the college crest) by the University Library. The College hosts several other notable societies. The Shirley Society is the College literary society, the oldest in Cambridge, it regularly hosts significant figures from the arts world throughout the academic year. The College based girls' choir is the first of its kind in a UK university and is composed of girls aged 8–14 from local schools.

Tim Waterstone was educated at Tonbridge School and St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where he read English. He then went to India where he worked for a broking firm in Calcutta. Upon his return to England he worked as a marketing manager for Allied Breweries, 1964–73 and then W.H. Smith, 1973–81. He founded the bookselling chain Waterstone's in 1982, and became the founder chairman of HMV Media Group in 1998, which merged the businesses of Waterstone's and HMV. He left the group in 2001.

He has published four novels: Lilley & Chase (Hodder 1994), An Imperfect Marriage (Hodder 1995), A Passage of Lives (Hodder 1996) and In For A Penny In For A Pound (Atlantic 2010). He has also published a semi-autobiographical business book, Swimming Against The Stream (Macmillan 2006) and many articles in the arts and business media. He is married to the TV and film producer and novelist Rosie Alison. He has eight children; Richard, Martin, Sylvie, Amanda, Maya, Oliver, Lucy and Daisy.

Alumni of St Catharine's College, Cambridge,_Cambridge

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