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Arrow Svensk Hednisk Front (Absurd)

Svensk Hednisk Front (SHF) (Swedish Heathen Front) is the Swedish sub-division of the Allgermanische Heidnische Front (AHF). It promotes a line of thought called Odalism and has been linked with Neo-Nazi groups...

The Heathen Front was at times accused of Neo-Nazism, white supremacism and anti-Semitism. For example, a 2001 report by the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism describes the Svensk Hednisk Front (Swedish Heathen Front – SHF) as "an emerging Nazi organization" with an ideology blending "Odinism, anti-Christianity and antisemitism.

In 1993 the Norsk Hedensk Front (Norwegian Heathen Front) was founded, which soon evolved into the AHF, "a network of independent tribes."

The German chapter, Deutsche Heidnische Front, was founded in 1998 by Hendrik Möbus. In 2001 the AHF claimed chapters in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Canada, Russia, and Flanders...

Maybe their name should have beeen AWFUL DIN...

The band achieved infamy because its (original) members (now no longer in the band since 1999) murdered the 15-year-old Sandro Beyer in 1993. The canonical motive is that Beyer was privy to an illicit relationship of Schauseil's with the mother of a schoolmate, and had been spreading rumours about this and other activities of the band. On 29 April in Sondershausen, Möbus, Schauseil, and Kirchner enticed Beyer to a meeting, and strangled him there with an electrical cord. Kirchner, in a now infamous quotation, was reported as saying: "Oh shit, I completely fucked up my life". Schauseil attempted a plea of insanity, claiming that voices in his head told him to murder Beyer. This was, however, thrown out in court, due to the testimony of psychiatrists who worked with Schauseil after the initial arrest...

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