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Lightbulb Remembering the kindness of living beings

If all beings have been our mother then how are we to recollect their kindness? Our present mother carried us in her womb for nine months... Whether sitting, walking, eating or even sleeping she was ever mindful of our presence. Her only thought was of our welfare and she regarded us a precious gem. Even though our birth may have caused her intense pain she still thought solely of our welfare and happiness.

As an infant we were little more than a helpless caterpillar, not knowing what was beneficial or harmful. Our mother cared for us and fed us her milk. When we were afraid she warmed us with the heat of her body and cuddled and comforted us in loving arms. She even wore soft clothing so as not to harm our sensitive skin.

Wherever she went she took us with her. She washed and bathed us and cleaned the dirt from our nose. While playing with us she would sing sweet sounds and repeat our name with special tenderness. She protected us continually from the dangers of fire and accident; in fact, if it were not for her constant care we would not be alive now. All that we have and enjoy is through the kindness of our mother. She rejoiced in our happiness and shared in our sorrow. Worrying about our slightest discomfort, she would have willingly surrendered even her own life in order that we might live. She taught us how to walk and talk, read and write, and underwent many hardships in order to give us a good education and the very best of whatever she possessed.

Looking upon her child with tenderness, a mother cherishes it-from conception until death-with great devotion and unconditional love. Bringing to mind the limitless kindness of our present mother makes us realize the infinite loving care we have received from time without beginning from all the countless mothers who have nurtured us. How kind these sentient beings have all been!

Repaying this kindness...

Merely to remember the kindness of all mother sentient beings is not enough. Only the most callous and ungrateful would fail to see that it is our duty and responsibility to repay this kindness. This we can do by bestowing on others material gifts, pleasures or enjoyments and other temporal benefits. However, the supreme repayment for the infinite kindness we have received is to lead all beings to the unsurpassed happiness of full awakening.

little more than a helpless caterpillar...

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