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Lightbulb The Fourth Protocol

The plot centres on a secret 1968 East-West agreement to halt nuclear proliferation. One of the clauses, the Fourth Protocol, forbids the non-conventional delivery of a nuclear weapon to a target...

All in all a good engaging read and if you love the international drama involving secret agencies and men of valour, skill and strength then this be sure not to miss this book...

In Glasgow, a Russian sailor is struck by a truck while fleeing from a port guard. Among the dead man's possessions, Preston finds a disk of polonium, which can only be a component of a detonator for an atomic bomb. He informs Harcourt-Smith, but is promptly suspended, as Harcourt-Smith believes that Preston is manufacturing a fake incident to work his way back into MI5. Luckily however, he has the confidence of Sir Bernard Hemmings, the gravely-ill Director of MI5. Preston sets to work and eventually comes across Winkler, a known Czech KGB agent, and tails him from the airport...
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