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Lightbulb Historic Connection

Many people may be surprised to read that Moses and the Pharaoh Ankhnaten were one and the same person. However, this information was common knowledge among those whose ancestors had been taught by the secret societies of the Middle Ages. In fact, the information about Moses being the Pharaoh Ankhnaten was such common knowledge in the early part of the last century, that even Sigmund Freud wrote a book about it.

Most people’s knowledge about the spiritual history of the western world comes from the Bible. But, what is the Bible, when was it written and under what conditions?

The Bible is the allegorically written history about one of the 8 tribes of the white race which spread out from Sumer. (Allegorical - “the representation of spiritual, moral, or other abstract meanings through the actions of fictional characters that serve as symbols” - Webster’s Dictionary). The Bible is the allegorically written history of only one of the original 8 tribes who left Sumer, (present day Iraq), to go forth and populate the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.

The original tribe of the Jewish people in the Bible consisted of 3 main families: “Hebrews”, “Israelites” and “Egyptians”. The Hebrews went to Palestine while the Israelites and Egyptians went to Egypt. The age of the Patriarchs in the Bible, is a description of the golden age of the Pharaohs, and is about important figures from ancient Israelite and Egyptian family history.
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