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Lightbulb Leon 9

Originally Posted by dunadan View Post
Great Post!

The power/magik of 9 is a very interesting link.

Remember the colour.....GOLD....and the issues surrounding the significance of such too...


Nine represents the Cardinal Directions because nine is shorthand for one of the four 90 degree positions on the 360 degree horizon, i.e. 36 is shorthand for 360, 4.5 is shorthand for 45, etc. The Cardinal Directions of North, East, West, and South are quintessential to time keeping, because the Meridian, or imaginary line running from the beginning of the horizon at Due South all the way to the beginning of the horizon at Due North, is the culmination mark for any given day's one degree of the 360 degrees of the Ecliptic and the Equinox of the year is marked by a sunrise and sunset at Due East and Due West; Therefore, the cardinal 90 degree positions on the horizon are the bearers of the heavens or time.

Four cardinal points on the Ecliptic mark the time of a particular day, because the rising and setting stars of that day are 90 degree counterparts to stars at culmination points when the rising and setting stars are on the eastern and western horizons. When the day's rising and setting stars culminate at Noon and Midnight on opposite sides of the Earth, the stars that started out as that day's counterpart 90 degree culmination points on opposite sides of the Earth will be on the eastern and western horizon, i.e. time is marked by four 90 degree points on the Ecliptic that change positions every six hours in a clockwise direction with the Earth's rotation.

Because the Pleiades are key to time keeping, they are associated with being the bearers of the Cardinal Directions that are also key to time keeping and therefore, the Pleiades represent the number nine in a quadripartite contemplation, such as the Four Sons of Horus or the Four Bacabs of the Maya. When the Pleiades reach the culmination date of November 21, the center mark of the Pleiades, at 33 degrees on the Traditional Zodiac, has reached the beginning day of 33 days ended with the Sun's rebirth out from the three days of the Winter Solstice at the center of the Milky Way; It is at this point in time that the Four Cardinal Zodiac Signs are coming into Solstice and Equinox positions, i.e. Scorpio, or the Eagle, is coming into the Winter Solstice, Leo is coming into the Autumnal Equinox, Aquarius is coming into the Vernal Equinox, and Taurus is coming into the Summer Solstice. All four of these constellations are separated by 90 degrees and have deacon stars used as reference to the Four Cardinal Zodiac Signs, e.g. Antares in Scorpio, but the key to the consummate alignment of the four is the center of the Pleiades or 33 degree mark of the Zodiac being on the Meridian at Midnight November 21. The Four sides of the pyramid named Kukulkan shows this connection between the center of the Pleiades and the Winter Solstice at the center of the Milky Way, by its eastern side aligned to the sunrise of November 21, and its more southeastern corners aligned to the sunrise of the Winter Solstice.

So, the Pleiades, in a quadripartite contemplation of 9 that equals 36 as shorthand for 360 degrees, represents the Cardinal Directions, the cardinal positions of the Ecliptic for a particular day, the Cardinal Zodiac Signs, and the cardinal positions of the Equinoxes and Solstices, i.e. The Pleiades are the time keepers for the movement of the Ecliptic against the background of the Cardinal Directions within the framework of the Equinoxes and Solstices.

Nine is a multiple of any precession number, such as 25,920 for a complete cycle or any part of it, such as 72, 144, 432, 2,160, etc. and the single digits of any multiple of nine can be added together until reduced to the number nine, e.g. 9x2=18 and 1+8=9, etc.

Nine is related to the triangular number three and triangular numbers are the basis of representing the Earth's orbit around the Sun by the 73rd triangular number. The 73rd triangular number as a triangle of counters or pennies has three 36 based inter-triangular numbers that are the basis of the Sun's association to the number 666. This triangular number of the Sun is created by the center 37th counter or penny of the three outside perimeters of the 73rd triangular configuration and 37 is related to all triple repeating digit numbers consummated in its entirety with three nines based on every third digit or three pennies configured as a triangle, i.e. the nine numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24,27 all multiplied by 37 producing 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999, (Remember that the 33rd degree of the Traditional Zodiac marks the center of three days that the Pleiades culminate at Midnight and is counterpart to the culmination of the Noon Sun 12 hours later at the center of the three days, which is the beginning of the 37th hour of the three days the Pleiades culminate).

Originally Posted by leon11 View Post
the very 'cross' that we've seen symbolised so much over the centuries, no?

the SUN, on the CROSS.
the twelve signs of the zodiac, 12 apostles...
we could go on all day. all ASTROLOGICAL symbols and terms I believe.

Crosses and Stars...

RED stars..and blue, too

usually with the diagonal 4 lines/points/seasons... on top of the 4 pointed cross,
could refer to the leylines and manipulation of the earth...but often its related to astrology

knights and NIGHTS (dark, space, stars)

In the mayan cross above you can almost see the 'G' in the middle.....

could the masonic compass and ruler be a cross also?

blue star/sun background too?

the MAYANS put a skull in the middle of their zodiac/crossed SUN (son?) calendar.
and below we see more maSONS and elitists seemingly mimicking the Mayans?

they always take their pictures in this formation. We see a horizontal line of people, and a vertical line of leaders/CLOCK....the cross also means a TIME and PLACE.....
we also see the skull in the middle (like the Mayans) and the diagonal lines like the compass and square/RULE.
also notice the dark/light symbolism in the suits.

there is a spark/light/soul? in MAN....the SONs. The center of this game/situation....

ANYWAY! back to the astrologogical and tectonic situation! =)

(maybe someone can tell me how 33 degrees and 322 fits in to the astrology btw)

theres a fascinating story to be told here!

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