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. Crowley's present day admirers see him as a white magician, but Crowley himself was not so sure about it. In the 1920s he wrote in his diary: "I may be a black magician but I'm bloody great one."

Energetically he established 'black magic temples' in Italy ...

Originally Posted by Everywhere View Post
The Isle of Man (pronounced "I Love Man") is a small island-nation located just off the west coast of England Classic. Though it certainly exists in one fashion or another, many lawmakers debate it's physical existence due to a controversial act passed by British Parliament during the short-lived reign of the French Surrealists Party in 1926, declaring the island as non-existent. This act has never officially been revoked.

Often described by tourists as "a bit like that Island in Father Ted, except it isn't funny", the Isle of Man is known for its intolerance to all races, religions and creeds as well as a vast tax dodging populace of stereotypical billionaires, terrorists and bond villans...

Now the whole world's gonna know that you died scratching my balls! ....

Though racism of other cultures should not be down played, the people of the Isle of Man hold the English race in much lower regard than any other. Though this makes sense historically, it has been making less and less sense in recent years as it continues to adopt culture, law, social aspirations and immigrants from it's neighborer. This has happened to such a large extent now that English hatred could be described as an ironic and upsetting self-loathing.

Uninterestingly, the Bee Gees were born on the Isle of Man. As this is the Isle's sole claim to fame, Manx schoolchildren are required to kneel and 'pledge allegiance to the Gibbs' on a daily basis, and wear flares and stick-on beards to school. These scenes of mass idolatry resemble the Nuremberg rallies, only with a lot more hair and flare involved.

Most Manx people support Liverpool FC or Manchester United (by support I mean huddle around the one radio in Douglas and cheer “you'll never walk alone, yessir” or “out with the Glazers, yessir”. Scientists have speculated that by 2012 Man will cease to be populated, due to the spiralling suicide statistics. In a bid to curb suicide in Man, the Manx Government (Laurel & Hardy – you can’t make this up!) funded a coach trip to Morecambe for the Manx residents, believing it would lift the national spirit. 2 survived, albeit with heavily bandaged wrists.

Everyone one the isle of man thinks in the same way, none of them are unique or individual. They are ignorant, racist nobodies who should not be allowed to leave their shit island.

Some theorise that He-Man was the original son of Man, and every November 5th the Manx symbolically burn effigies of Skeletor.
All aboard! The Manx Railway is globally known worldwide as one of the finest, most up to date railway services in the world.

If you are unfortunate enough to ever encounter the Isle of Man there is currently no way of getting back to the mainland. This, along with constant rain, the smell of rotting shrimp, large earthworms devouring buildings, zombies, strange wandering people who murmur strange smutterings and the inability to build anything due to strong winds makes living on the Isle of Man just that bit harder, so come now and book your one trip holiday to the Isle of Man and make something more out of your summer, book online, by phone or by post .
and England, and wrote numerous books...

"O Land of Our Conception"

Oh cabbage-heads soaked in rum!
On the blink, on the tum!
It's right, tight, put out the light!
Putty faces!
Oh grimaces
At this time of night!
Let me draw, paint, sculp
Your faces of pulp!
Oh gulp!
Put out the light!
Diabolically, divinely bright tight!
(from 'G-R-R-R-R-R!', 1916)

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