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That Got Away is a 1996 ITV television film, based on the book of the same name by 'Chris Ryan' telling the "true" story of a Special Air Service patrol during the Gulf War in 1991...

The film stars Paul McGann as 'Ryan', and was directed by Paul Greengrass, director of United 93, Bloody Sunday, and two of the Jason Bourne films.

'The One That Got Away' is a 1995 book written under the pseudonym 'Chris Ryan' concerning the SAS patrol Bravo Two Zero, which was dropped behind enemy lines in Iraq in 1991. The author was a member of the patrol and tells of his 8 day escape on foot to the Syrian border.

Bravo Two Zero is a 1993 book written under the pseudonym 'Andy McNab'. The book recounts the story of an SAS patrol behind enemy lines in Iraq, in 1991, which was led by the author...

The Baghdad Central Prison, formerly known as Abu Ghraib prison (Arabic: سجن أبو غريب‎ Sijn Abu Ghuraib; also Abu Ghurayb, meaning 'father of the raven' or 'Place of Ravens'...

It was built by British contractors in the 1950s...

Mass grave with the bodies of political prisoners from Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Fifteen victims were executed on 26 December 1998 and buried by prison authorities under the cover of darkness...The last corpse interred was number 993...

Secret graves near a civilian cemetery contain the remains of nearly 1,000 political prisoners...

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