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The reason for the rapid arrests was very simple: Just hours earlier, two small bodies had been found near the perimeter fence at USAF Lakenheath, and the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street was terrified of a massive political scandal involving American servicemen based in, or transiting through, the United Kingdom.

United States Air Forces in Europe

Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath, commonly abbreviated to RAF Lakenheath, (IATA: LKZ, ICAO: EGUL) is a Royal Air Force military airbase near Lakenheath in Suffolk, England. Although an RAF station, it hosts United States Air Force units and personnel. The host wing is the 48th Fighter Wing (48 FW), also known as the Liberty Wing, assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE).

F-15E Strike Eagles of the 48th Fighter, Statue of Liberty Wing

The 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath is the Statue of Liberty Wing, the only USAF wing with a number and name. Since activation at Chaumont-Semoutiers Air Base, France, on 10 July 1952, Liberty Wing has been one of the premier fighter wings of the United States Air Forces in Europe, spending more than over 50 years as part of USAFE. The 48 FW has nearly 5,700 active-duty military members, 2,000 British and U.S. civilians, and includes a (GSU) at nearby RAF Feltwell.

5th Space Surveillance Squadron
The United States Air Force's 5th Space Surveillance Squadron (5 SSS) was a space surveillance unit located at RAF Feltwell, United Kingdom.

Between 1989 and 2003 it also hosted the US Air Force's 5th Space Surveillance Squadron (5 SPSS) which was subordinate to the 21st Operations Group (21 OG) and the 21st Space Wing (21 SW), both at Peterson AFB, Colorado.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Soundtrack-19 Climbing the Mountain,_CO

Air Force Space Command

Commander...Edward Straker...His grey sandstone tombstone has a peace symbol prominently engraved on it...

Occupants 21st Space Wing, 302d Airlift Wing, US Northern Command, NORAD, Air Force Space Command, Army Space Command

These organizations in turn are subordinate to the 14th Air Force (14 AF) at Vandenberg AFB, California which reports to HQ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), also at Peterson AFB, CO.

F-15 Eagle at RAF Lakenheath with rainbow

The 21st Space Wing now has a detachment at RAF Fylingdales, UK, to coordinate cooperative missile warning and space surveillance with RAF counterparts

The Solid State Phased Array Radar (SSPAR)
Radar RAF Fylingdales

RAF Feltwell is a Royal Air Force station in Norfolk, East Anglia that is currently used by the United States Air Forces Europe. The station is located about 10 miles west of Thetford, and is in the borough of King's Lynn at approximate Ordnance Survey grid reference TL 715 900.

RAF Fylingdales is a Royal Air Force station on Snod Hill in the North York Moors, England. Its motto is "Vigilamus" (translates to "We are watching")

A near nuclear accident occurred on 27 July 1956 - when a B-47 bomber crashed into a storage igloo at Lakenheath containing three MK-6 nuclear weapons while on a routine training mission. Although the bombs involved in the accident did not have their fissile cores installed, each of them carried about 8,000 pounds of high explosives as part of their trigger mechanism. The crash and ensuing fire did not ignite the high explosives and no detonation occurred. The damaged weapons and components were later returned to the Atomic Energy Commission. The B-47 involved in the accident, which killed four crewmen, was part of the 307th Bombardment Wing

Meanwhile on 30 April 1956, two Lockheed U-2s were airlifted to RAF Lakenheath to form CIA Detachment A. The first flight of the U-2 was on 21 May. The Central Intelligence Agency unit did not remain long, moving to Wiesbaden Air Base, West Germany on 15 June.

Lakenheath Church

Taken March 2003 showing RAF Feltwell with the Deep Space Tracking Station centre.

A Norfolk police spokesman said the deaths is not being treated as suspicious.

Photograph of the Month

A blocked downpipe on St Marys' Church

The Work & Play Gallery...A collection of photographs featuring young people.

Fetes and Trips

Feltwell is a mainly agricultural village in Norfolk, England, on the edge of the Fens. We are home to RAF Feltwell, an old grass airfield currently used by the USAF and Space Command.

UFO - TV Series - Opening Sequence

The sci-fi series. OPENING SEQUENCE of this 70's cult tv series.

Human subject research includes experiments (formally known as interventional studies) and observational studies. Human subjects are commonly participants in research on basic biology, clinical medicine, psychology, and all other social sciences. Humans have been participants in research since the earliest studies. As research has become formalized the academic community has developed formal definitions of "human subject research", largely in response to abuses of human subjects.

Definition of a human birth in Iowa to septuplets in the second known case where all 7 babies are born alive, and the first in which all survive infancy.

In biostatistics or psychological statistics, a research subject is any object or phenomenon that is observed for purposes of research. In survey research and opinion polling, the subject is often called a respondent. In the United States Federal Guidelines a human subject is a living individual about whom an investigator conducting research obtains 1) Data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or 2) Identifiable private information (32 CFR 219.102.f). (Lim,1990)

The imposing front of St Mary's Church
St Mary's Street:

Area 51

Area 51 is a military base, and a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles (133 km) north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Situated at its center, on the southern shore of Groom Lake, is a large secretive military airfield. The base's primary purpose is to support development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems

This satellite image of Area 51 shows dry Groom Lake just northeast of the site.

The intense secrecy surrounding the base, the very existence of which the U.S. government barely acknowledges, has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component to unidentified flying object (UFO) folklore

Area 51

A photographic image associated with three unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) reported over Belgium in the 1990's. This image could be a hoax, though the UAP case is documented.

Area 51 28 August 1968

A closed-circuit TV camera watches over the perimeter of Area 51

Unofficial Groom Lake logo found on helmets and aircraft such as the F-117 Nighthawk during the 1990s

Its secretive nature and undoubted connection to classified aircraft research, together with reports of unusual phenomena, have led Area 51 to become a focus of modern UFO and conspiracy theories. Some of the activities mentioned in such theories at Area 51 include:

* The storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft (including material supposedly recovered at Roswell), the study of their occupants (living and dead), and the manufacture of aircraft based on alien technology.
* Meetings or joint undertakings with extraterrestrials.
* The development of exotic energy weapons for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or other weapons programs.
* The development of means of weather control.
* The development of time travel and teleportation technology.
* The development of unusual and exotic propulsion systems related to the Aurora Program.
* Activities related to a supposed shadowy one world government or the Majestic 12 organization
11 battle stars...


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