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It is therefore essential for the practitioner to know the stages of death and the mind-body relationship behind them.

Originally Posted by zen_anarchy View Post
Brain Cheese Buffet

this book is in no way educational ,enlightening or spiritual
it is a completion of Edward Lee's most disturbing and freakishly perverted horror stories. Not a book for the faint hearted or religious fundies

but I've enjoyed it's sick and twisted tales ,worth reading if you have an interest in horror stories that actually disturb you
That Ra Minds me of this below...

At the channel-centres there are white and red drops, upon which physical and mental health are based...mirrors the process that occurs at death and involves concentration on the psychic channels and the channel-centres (chakras) inside the body...

These drops have their origin in a white and red drop at the heart centre, and this drop is the size of a small pea and has a white top and red bottom. It is called the indestructible drop, since it lasts until death...

The very subtle life-bearing wind dwells inside it and, at death, all winds ultimately dissolve into it, whereupon the clear light vision of death dawns...

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