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Originally Posted by posidon View Post
A shame you donĀ“t, i would like to see people with your skills, currently involving on this project, i feel beside your position about man made Pyramids or not, your expertise will be of a major benefit to the project, i still hope to see you one day front to front with Sam, for sure will be an interesting debate.

Just for curiosity, what is your academic formation?
Well, I already have a job I love, and would not leave it even for the pleasure of contradicting Mr. Osmanagic
Frankly, the Foundation could easily find a skilled geologist and/or geomorphologist; as far as I know, there are lots of underemployed young or even older graduates in Bosnia. The problem is that I know few correct scientists who would accept to see their reports heavily edited when they don't match with the Foundation 'official truth'

As for your question, my academic background is geomorphology.

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