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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani,

any thoughts on this one

Obviously Lama is a well known word,

Lama (Tibetan: བླ་མ་; Wylie: bla-ma; "chief" or "high priest" is a title for a Tibetan teacher of the Dharma. The name is similar to the Sanskrit term guru.
From an allegorical analysis this appears to be the death of the Sun at the winter Solstice Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" = the Sun is at its shortest day in the northern hemisphere with Mankind afraid of the coming darkness.

The Crucifixion of Christ, On The Cross, refers to the Cross in the Constellation of Cygnus(the Swan) which lies in the same sector with Capricorn.

The Two Thieves that are crucified with the Savior(Sun) refer to the Equinoxes. The one on the Right Hand is the Vernal Equinox. The one on the Left Hand(who bad mouthed the savior) is the Autumnal Equinox . The Equinoxes are referred to as thieves, because they are thieves of time. They still Time from each other. When the Sun intersects either equinox, for that day of crossing, Time(Daytime and Nighttime) on the planet is brought into equilibrium, at twelve hours. We have twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness, on the day of the Equinox. In the case of the Vernal Equinox(which represents light), He, on the second day after the sun’s crossing, Steals Time from the Autumnal Equinox(which represents darkness) and from this point, the world continues to have more light(daytime) than darkness, until the Sun crosses the Autumnal Equinox. When the Sun crosses the Autumnal Equinox, this thief(autumnal equinox) repeats the crime(theft of time) in the favor of increased Darkness.”

The celebration of Christ's death and rebirth is held around the vernal Equinox as this is the death of darkness and rebirth of the new season of light and life.
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