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A picture tutorial on wrapping a mobius coil for Succor Punch, Power Wand and powered orgonite devices.

I wrap coils around crystals nearly every day and have for years. Here is how to do it.

The wire is stranded 26 Ga. wire. I like this size wire for wrapping small to medium sized crystals. I twisted it counter clockwise with a drill until the wire was at about 45 degree angle and smooth to the touch. The crystal is a Lemurian from Brazil.

Tool of choice (Needed to open a channel under the coil for new wraps to pass through), is a small flat head screwdriver, available at all dollar stores in a pack of mini screwdrivers for about $2). IMPORTANT, when using a small screwdriver you must sand the corners to a slight rounded shape so that it slides smoothly through the wires and does not cut them with a sharp edge.

How much wire is needed ?
As you wrap from the unfinished end to the loop end, the wire has to be the correct length ...or it will either be too short to finish or too long for the crystal. Knowing how much wire to use is essential and can be figured very easily and exactly.

Starting with the loop end of the wire at the top of the crystal wrap the entire crystal in a spiral manner to the end.

This is exactly how much wire that you need. Place a sharp bend in it to mark the end, this will be your starting point. (The End marks the Beginning ?? Just too Zen, lol.)

Holding the crystal in your left hand , with the tip pointed to the left. Secure the loose end(Later to be attached to a frequency generator) with two fingers to keep it tight. The wire on the right is the loose end, the loop end (left) goes OVER the crystal then under towards you.

Continue around the crystal and GO OVER the loose end wire.

Put your tool under the wire. With the tool tip on the crystal face, gently lift the handle forming a channel under the wrap for the wire to pass through. This will become very important as the wrap proceedes and the coil gets tighter.

Pass the loop end under the coil.

After pulling the wire through the coil, again take it OVER the crystal then under towards you.

Go over the coil, over the loose end Then under the coil. Pass the wire over the coil with the loop end going next to the place where it crossed over on the previous wrap, That crossover point is towards you, and will give a flat wrap if correct.

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