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Originally Posted by sannox View Post
its the two faces of capitalism , ultimately both work towards similar ends ,
hate to drag this into the mix but look at murdoch he thrived under the right and left wings of uk politics , surely if murdoch had a goal it was shared with both the right and the left ,
and blair for the left had no qualms about backstabbing kinnock who murdoch crucified in his tabloids giving the right a suprise election win .

theres one goal and we are taking sides when there arent any clear sides perhaps
We have to agree to slightly disagree.
The talmudic banksters use international socialism/communism as their tool towards global government.

All masonic symbols.

It began with a Soviet offensive on 30 November 1939 – three months after the start of World War II and the Soviet invasion of Poland – and ended on 13 March 1940 with the Moscow Peace Treaty. The League of Nations deemed the attack illegal and expelled the Soviet Union from the League on 14 December 1939.[26]
The UN officially came into existence on 24 October 1945 upon ratification of the Charter by the five permanent members of the Security Council—France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States—and by a majority of the other 46 signatories.

After the renewed refusal of my peace offer in January 1940 by the then British Prime Minister and the clique which supported or else dominated him, it became clear that this war-against all reasons of common, sense and necessity-must be fought to its end.
Apart from this, I cannot be insulted by Roosevelt for I consider him mad just as Wilson was. I don't need to mention what this man has done for years in the same way against Japan. First he incites war then falsifies the causes, then odiously wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy and slowly but surely leads mankind to war, not without calling God to witness the honesty of his attack-in the approved manner of an old Freemason.
That was the time when England did not go about begging others for help, but still magnanimously promised help to everyone. This has since changed In those days I made proposals to Poland. Now that events have taken a course different from the one we wished, I must say that it was indeed Providence that prevented the acceptance of my offer at the time. This conspiracy of democratic Jews and Free Masons dragged Europe into war two years ago. Arms had to decide.

Since then a struggle has been taking place between truth and lies and, as always, this war will end in the victory for truth. In other words, whatever lies British propaganda, international world Jewry and its democratic accomplices may concoct they will not change historical facts.

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