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You fear change in the gender roles because this would make the "heterosexual" men lose their dominion of power over humanity, who are actually living by a twisted norm in order to keep woman controlled and the rest of humanity.

Heterosexuality is about controlling the feminine side of humanity by doing this you can objectify females in order to make them do your bidding, manipulating them into thinking that they are to obey men and that the purpose of their lives is to become "housewifes" by making absurd and illogical statements that this is actually a "natural" event either by the will of god or nature.

Religion is a corrupted tool created by men in order for other manipulative men to enslave and control humanity through the stereotypical ideals of humanity defined as heterosexuality. The heterosexual norms is about suppressing the feminine and therefore it is quite logical that you hate men who are gay because they embody the feminine in a male body, the same beings which you control by fear and manipulation into obeying.

The reason why you hate gays and think there is an agenda behind it is because feminine men are a threat to your patriarchal ruled world, you know that they have a "negative" effect on other men and can make them more empathic/understanding and less controlling beings. Since you do not want femininity to exists at all and want this world to be ruled by an "all male" energy homosexuals embodies everything which you fear and hate the feminine part of humanity which has been suppressed for thousands of years.

The change is happening you can not fight it and you will not be able to hold on to your old outdated primitive thoughts of the gender roles, the world will change and you will just have to accept it.

If i get a son later on i will allow him to wear both dress and make-up in fact ill go with him while wearing a dress and make-up to school if anyone gives him glares or negative comments.

The male patriarchal ruled world is starting to slowly crumble.. Your concepts and beliefs are obsolete and twisted more and more people are starting to see through this as they are awakening(Stockholm type of schools will soon be the norm)

There is no homosexual agenda there is a heterosexual agenda and its been active for the last thousands of years.
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