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Originally Posted by drakul View Post
The Main Stream Media, Hollywood and all govt agencies are actively promoting Homosexuality. US TV - DRAMAS have 42 programs offering leading homosexual characters. And that is only the Dramas. Does not include comedies, reality shows, etc.

We all know it, admit it. MSM is pushing a TIDAL WAVE of homo propaganda on the public. Homosexuality/BIsexuality is an important part of the Illuminati NWO agenda.
This is 100% true. It is the agenda. But the nwo pyschos' are'nt happy to just use gays and trans who are naturally born that way...oh, no, they are actively bio-chemically creating them in the womb, then re-inforce with cultural indoctrination / brainwashing that they are just normal , un-tampered with folks......and them push them to the forefront of our media to celebrity status by the ton, esp. in the UK .
The sad thing is they can't fess up....they think they were naturally born that way not bio-chemically tampered with before birth. However, one or two of the more aware do....they know that this was done to them.
Cultural programming favours them right now, they are tools.
For what though?
My understanding is dilute 'real' men , confuse norms and depopulate us and the Androgenous agenda is ancient too...

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