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Question Turgutreis

Turgutreis is a town in Turkey about a 60 minute drive from Bodrum International Airport. It is the second largest town on the Bodrum peninsula. The district, which comes under the City of Muğla and Bodrum Town, is in an area of 55,000 Hectare.

Turgutreis, Bodrum Turkey

The town is named after the Ottoman admiral Turgut Reis who was born there in 1485. Known in the West as Dragut, Turgut Reis was known for his expeditions on the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, and North Africa, and for his participation in the Ottoman siege of Malta. Where he died during that battle. A few kilometres outside the town center, in Sabanci Park, a waterfront memorial with his statue marks the place where he first set sail.

The Small Faces
Lazy Watcing Afternoon

Watch out you dont book into a shite hotel run by thugs,especially next door...and woman who eat paper...and always keep your eye on the kids...and dont let strangers take your children.

Always have an EYE on everything that goes on around you...and watch out for the Purple Rain...and those pesky sperm stealer's.

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