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Originally Posted by rob menard View Post
Look for it yourself. You are the one who doubts, not me. I have sufficient for myself. And I do not have to prove anything to you, to share good news on this forum with others, do I?
In that case why start a thread proclaiming a freeman success when you have conceded on the same thread that you have no evidence and now concede that you won't post any either?

To most people that would suggest your purpose for being here is to disrupt and have your ego massaged.

Check this out: I honestly do not care one little bit if you believe me or not. I do not care if you want evidence or not. I do not care about your opinion or beliefs. And I mean not even a little. Have we not discussed how inconsequential your opinion is in regard to the Freeman movement and my actions particularly?
Insults again. Nice. O crikey I'm so offended by your put downs. Not.

Also, if I am inconsequential to you, why are you addressing me at all?

Your stuck record is rather tiresome, Rob. You could post up evidence and take the moral high ground, or alternatively you could disrupt and try to undermine people who disagree with you. I invite you to do the former, you choose the latter. You sad man.

So why would I serve you or show you evidence?
Because it's your thread and you're proclaiming a freeman victory, in big letters too.

Now here is where you claim that because I refuse to do what you want me to do, that I am incapable of doing what I want to do. That argument always cracks me up!
No, you can do what you like. History shows you're good at that. You will only get dribblers to follow you when you have nothing in your cupboard to offer them; indeed you're taking from them and not offering anything. Hope you enjoyed your rail journey by the way.

Think what you want, based upon the evidence you yourself have secured. I honestly could not care less. So you see why I will not provide you with evidence? I don't care about your opinion, or beliefs, cause you are fear based and ego driven, and of absolutely no consequence. You are impotent dude, completely impotent, and you can't fuck me.
I will indeed think what I want, which I can see frustrates the hell out of you. Sorry about that, hope you'll come to terms with the fact that there is nothing wrong with people thinking for themselves; that might in turn cause you to look at yourself and what you do. I hope that day comes.

I definitely don't want to fuck you (eeuwwww) so no worries there.

I have drawn a conclusion too, the only conclusion that can be drawn from the absence of evidence from you - if this case really did go before the court (even that is unclear) then there is absolutely nothing to suggest that this chap walked out of court because he is/was a freemen or because the court upheld any freeman arguments. Nor is there any basis for claiming that a freeman fee schedule has any weight in law.

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